In order to support the populist economic growth acceleration, Central Java Bank has provided access to capital or credit intended for small micro business doer in Central Java. We come with low interest rates and easier terms through Central Java Credit Partner 25.


  • Free administration fees, provision fees, and no physical collateral
  •  Rp. 25.000.000, - (twenty five million rupiah) maximum ceiling
  •  3 (three) years maximum credit period
  • Credit  use for working capital or investment
  • Interest rate of 7% per annum effective or equivalent 3.72% flats per year
  • The financed business sector is the entire productive business sector

Terms and Conditions

Document TypeIndividualBusiness Entity
Original Application Form YesYes
Husband Wife ID Card Yes-
Pas Photo Husband Wife Yes-
KK copy Yes-
Business Certificate / SIUP YesYes
Incorporation and the Deed of Change Certificate -Yes
ID Card Copy -Yes
NPWP Copy-Yes