It is a product of raising funds in the form of savings that can be made at any time for the community.

Terms & Conditions

Initial Deposit: Rp. 10,000, -
Next deposit: Rp. 5,000, -
Minimum Balance Not Taken: Rp. 10,000, -

For Business Entities / Corporate

  1. Fill out the Account Opening Application Form;
  2. Photocopy of proof of personal identity (e-KTP / Passport) Officer / Management authorized and / or authorized / authorized to open an account;
  3. Copy of the Business Entity NPWP;
  4. Copy of Deed / Establishment Document / Amendment to Business Entity / Corporate Entity;
  5. Power of Attorney Acting on behalf of the Business Entity / Corporate that is issued by the Authorized Officer;
  6. Copy of Domicile Permit for Foreign Country Colors (WNA).

For Institutions / Services / Organizations

  1. Fill out the Account Opening Application Form;
  2. The Power of Attorney Acting or the Appointment Letter from the Institution / Service / Organization referred to issued by the Authorized Official or letter of Appointment as an Officer who has the authority to carry out legal acts including Opening an Account at the Bank;
  3. Copy of proof of self-identity (e-KTP / Passport);
  4. Specifically Vertical Agencies are added with a Permit to Open an Account from the State Treasury Service Office (KPPN).

For Beneficial Owners Institutions / Institutions

  1. Photocopy of valid and valid proof of self-identity (e-KTP / Passport) from the authorized / appointed / authorized official from the intended institution
  2. The last copy of the Deed of Establishment / Amendment to said Institution / Institution;
  3.  Letter of Authorization Reference (Form provided by the Bank);
  4. Copy of Domicile Permit for Foreign Citizens (WNA).


  1. Can be used as Credit Guarantee
  2. Deposits and Withdrawals may be made at any time
  3. On line in all Central Java Bank Branch Offices
  4. Can be withdrawn with BPD Card through Central Java Bank ATM, Bersama ATM Network, Prima ATM and EDC at  Prima ATM Network
  5. Can transfer / receive transfers in all banks in Indonesia
  6. Included in Lottery 2 times a year


Administration FeeRp 7.500,-
Account ClosingRp 10.000,-
Current Account Copy Rp 2.500,-`
Balance Tray Cost Rp 2.500,-
Replacement Cost Passbook Damaged / Missing Rp 10.000,-
Cost On Clearing Line TOL Cashier No Charge/ Free
Cost On Clearing Line POL WithdrawNo Charge/ Free

Bima Savings Draw

How to Follow Bima Savings Draw

  • Open Savings Bima
  • Routine Saving
  • Balance increases
  • Get Coupon

* Lottery *) Lottery coupons are earned by increasing the savings balance

Draw Candidate Calculation

  • Grand Prize - Pajero The Rp 30.000.000 / coupon minimum balance is multiplied
  • Prize I - Xpander At least Rp 10.000,000 / coupon Average balance | Applies multiply
  • Prize II - NMax At least Rp 2.000,000 / coupon Average balance | Applies multiply
  • Prize III - Pure Gold At least Rp 1.000,000 / coupon Average balance | Applies multiply

Draw Terms and Conditions

  1. Lottery is done twice in one year
    • 1 sweepstakes period | August - September
    • Lottery Period 2 | January - February
  2. Lottery Coupon
    • Coupon Period 1 | March - June
    • Coupon Period 2 | July - December
    • Computerized coupon calculation in each month and accumulated at the coupon period end
  3. Rewards
    • Grandprize is drawn for all customers in Central Java and Jakarta.
    • Gifts I, II, and III are drawn at each branch office and sub-branch.
    • The prize amount in the illustration is the total prize amount in 2 periods. The prize tax is borne by Bank Jateng.
  4. The prize specs listed in the promo materials are just illustrations
  5. The determination of the type and color of the prize shall be determined by Bank Jateng
  6. Winner Announcement
    • Winners will be announced throughout the Bank Jateng branch offices & sub branches and Newspapers.
    • Max Announcement Time 1 (one) week after the final period of the draw.
  7. The draw is valid for all customers of Bima Savings Bank Jateng