It is a Bima savings reserved for Business Entities / Corporate banking, consisting of Commercial Banks, BPR Banks, UUS, Syariah BPR, Syariah Banks and Business Entities / Equivalent corporate to banks.

Terms and Conditions

  • Initial Deposit: Rp. 50.000, -
  • More Deposit: Rp. 50.000, -
  • Not Taken     Minimum Balance: Rp. 10.000, -
  • Fill Account Opening Application Form;
  • Proof of Identity (e-KTP / Passport) Authorized and / or authorized / authorized Official / Management Authority Copy to open an account;
  • Corporate / Corporate NPWP Copy
  •  Deed / Document of Establishment / Change of Business Entity / Corporate copy
  • Attorney Acting Power on behalf of the Business Entity / Corporate issued by the Authorized Official
  • Domicile License Copy for Foreign State Colors (WNA).


  • Can be used as Credit Guarantee
  • Deposits and Withdrawals may be made at any time
  • On line in all Central Java Bank Branch Offices
  • Can transfer / receive transfers in all Banks in Indonesia
  • Included in to the Lottery 2 times a year: Avanza Car Grand Prize for every Branch Office, Toyota Fortuner Grand Prize Prize


Administration FeeRp 7.500,-
Account ClosingRp 10.000,-
Current Account Copy Rp 2.500,-
Balance Tray Cost Rp 2.500,-
Replacement Cost Passbook Damaged / Missing Rp 10.000,-
Cost On Clearing Line TOL Cashier No Charge/ Free
Cost On Clearing Line POL WithdrawNo Charge/ Free