BPPKAD Banjarnegara Teams Up with Bank Jateng to Promote Online Local Tax Monitoring

BANJARNEGARA – Banjarnegara District Government through the Regional Financial and Asset Management Revenue Agency (BPPKAD) held an online socialization monitoring of local taxes to businesses and taxpayers throughout Banjarnegara Regency in the Banjarnegara Regency Hall (19/20).

The activity was attended by Banjarnegara Regent, Budhi Sarwono, Head of Regional Corruption  Commission Prevention of the Indonesia Republic (KPK),  Mr. Kunto Ariawan and Team, Director of Compliance and Risk Management of Bank Jateng Ony Suharsono, Regional Apparatus Organization (OPD) of Banjarnegara District, DPRD Chairperson of Banjarnegara Regency, Head of Banjarnegara District Prosecutor’s Office, Banjarnegara police chief and business people, hotel managers of recreation areas in Banjarnegara.

Budhi Sarwono said the contribution of regional revenue from the regional tax sector is very meaningful. The regional revenue increase in 2017 amounted to 48 Million rupiahs, an increasement  in 2018 amounted to 57 Million rupiahs and in 2019 reached 60 Million rupiahs.

“This is a proud achievement and needs to be improved even better, consequently there needs to be innovation to increase the region’s revenue even better,” he said

One way is to use online monitoring with the Taping Box tool, where the tool is free of charge to the taxpayers, since the tool is provided directly by Bank Jateng.

“Let’s pay taxes, let’s build Banjarnegara, smooth road infrastructures, enjoy the construction, pay taxes or payroll, even give us blessings,” said Budhi Sarwono at the closing remarks as well as officially opening this socialization event.

Ony Suharsono as Director of Compliance and Risk Management of Bank Jateng who had the opportunity to be a speaker at this activity delivered a number of things at the beginning of the socialization.

“We believe this program will provide positive benefits to all parties, both government and taxpayers (business people), and will build a culture of transparency as a benchmark in the process of delivering the public information,” said Ony.

This program does not mean anything without the cooperation and active role of the concerned parties, mainly the Government of Banjarnegara District and also business people in the Regency of Banjarnegara. In 2019 Bank Jateng has also conducted socialization with KPK related to “Regional Tax Monitoring” in several places, included Semarang, Solo, Pati, Salatiga, Pekalongan, Magelang, Blora, Purbalingga, Purwokerto, Kudus, Slawi, Purworejo, Tegal, Batang, Batang, Grobogan, Kendal. In February, after the Banjarnegara District we will also conduct the Dissemination for Kebumen, Temanggung and Klaten Regencies.

At present, the local governments and municipalities which have carried out the installation process are Semarang, Wonogiri, Sukoharjo, Sragen, Tegal, Pekalongan, Cilacap, and Magelang.

In closing Ony Suharsono again said the Regional Government Support the Digitalization by Bank Jateng in Banjarnegara District, among others, Cash Management System for Regional Government Expenditure, Host to Host of RSUD Banjarnegara District, Host to Host of E-Tax, Electronification of KIR Payment, and other electronification programs.