Icon Bima di Kebumen Expo

Bima Mascot Bank of Jateng Becomes Favorite Selfie at Kebumen Expo 2019

KEBUMEN, the 2019 Kebumen Expo in Kebumen Square in the context of the 390th anniversary of Kebumen which took place on 20-25 August 2019 was extraordinary. From year to year the concepts and themes provided by the committee are always different. The enthusiasm of Kebumen Regency people also always increased from previous years.

This year, the 2019 Kebumen Expo in Kebumen Regency was supported by the Bank Jateng, as a Bank owned by the Central Java Regional Government, especially Kebumen Regency. It is not surprising that the stand of Bank Jateng is the most strategic, which is to the left of the main entrance of Kebumen Expo 2019 and the most extensive, since it consists of a Mobile Cash Car (MKK), a Main Stand for guests and a photo booth spot with a mascot / icon of Bank Jateng, namely Bima.

Every day MKK Bank Jateng actively serves visitors who will conduct banking transactions, by providing tellers and ATM machines. Besides MKK, Bank Jateng provides a stand of visitors who want to just stop by and ask questions related to products and programs

The most favorite spot is the photo booth with Bima Replica which is made in such a way that is as close as possible to the original. “The guard will be happy to help to take pictures. With them taking part in a cellphone automatically visitors also take part in the bidding on the Bank Jateng on social media. This has become one of the most effective socialization programs for Corporate Branding of Bank Jateng, “said HS Yudiantoro, Head of Bank Jateng of Kebumen Branch.

The products highlighted in this event were the socialization and call for activation of Internet Banking. In addition, there is also Westlife Reward program information and information on the Borobudur Marathon Reward. This Expo event is very effective to be maximized to deliver products and programs owned by the Bank Jateng specifically to the civil servants and the public, especially in Kebumen Regency.