Berlian Bank Jateng Wins Livoli

TANGERANG – Berlian Bank Jateng holds Livoli 2019 title after bending Bhayangkara Samator 3-1 in the final round held at GOR Dimyati Tangerang, Sunday (10/20/2019). In the opening set, Berlian, who was coached by a trio of coaches Joni Anwar, Arif Kuslianto and Wahyu Prabowo, appeared impressive. Samator had mastered the first set, but Doni Haryono et al who played calmly ended it with a 25-18 victory.

Samator rose in the second set. Prime receive game and variation of attack could make the Diamond off guard. This set was won by Samator by 25-20.

The 1-1 position made the third set even more fierce. Both Samator and Bank Jateng attacked each other, but like getting wind, Berlian appeared fierce, and ended the fight with 25-17. In the fourth set, one after another followed. But again, Berlian are calmer so they can win the top match with 25-23. The success of Berlian Bank Jateng more complete, with the election of Doni Haryono as the best future player.

“We are very grateful, the children appeared calm in the final match. They play controlled, not emotional. I think this is the key to our success, “explained Joni Anwar as Chief Coach and Manager, Monday (10/21/2019). Admittedly, in the second set, the players were shocked by Samator’s pressure. Luckily, his troops returned to their best performance. “Players appear consistent since the preliminary match. They are the strength of the last Pre-PON team. We think 6-7 players can be defended for next season, “he said.