Batik Carnival 2018 Dekranasda Competition in Purbalingga

Dekranasda Batik Carnival performances held in the Purbalingga square area, Saturday (27/10) took place lively. Hundreds of spectators thronged the area to witness participants who displayed various motifs and designs of typical Purbalingga batik.

The Chairperson of Dekranasda Batik Carnival Committee, Edi Suryono, stated the activities carried out in commemoration series of the National Batik Day were held for cultural culture. Because batik has been recognized worldwide as one of Indonesia’s original cultural heritage. “It is also a promotional event for the general public knowing that Purbalingga has extraordinary local batik,” he said.

Batik Clothing Creations worn by Bank Jateng representatives, become champions in the event. Bank Jateng Purbalingga Branch won the 1st place award. The fashion model representing one of Bima’s puppet figures, was able to set aside the other participants’ batik fashion models, which were both designed using Purbalingga local batik motifs.

Carrying the batik with the theme of “Bima Kawijayan Bank Jateng” with the design symbol of Wayang Bima and Batik Lawa batik typical of Purbalingga. Reflecting the Glory of Bank Jateng and Purbalingga Regency Government in the Uniting of Regional Development.