Bank of Central Java Kendal Intensify Providing Training to MSME Actors

The perpetrators of MSMEs in Central Java are increasing. The amount is not a small number and it is a business opportunity, especially for Bank Jateng. The Kendal region has a significant increase in the number of MSME perpetrators. In connection with this matter, Bank Jateng of Kendal provides facilities in the form of providing training to the MSME perpetrators who are housed in Kendal Branch 2nd Floor Meeting Room of Bank Jateng. A total of 10 MSMEs from the UMKM Forum of Kendal regency received a Micro Business Simulation (MBS) training. The training lasted for two days on March 20-21 2019, with certified trainers from Bank Jateng of Weleri Sub Branch Office, Febrian Mulya Arif.

Kendal Branch Head of Bank Jateng, Marhaeni K. said that this training is one form of commitments from Bank Jateng always supports MSMEs. Not only through providing loans as the working capital, but also providing training. It is hoped that the training can increase the knowledge and skills of the participants.

The Micro Business Simulation training itself is a collaborative program between Bank Jateng and SBFIC (Saving Bank For International Cooperation), which contains all the material related to how to run micro / small scale businesses, taking into account the principles of good business management, micro business simulation using a problem-based learning approach, then participants through simulation act as business owners who make business decisions, participants feel the results / consequences of their business decisions as a feedback, then participants apply the knowledge gained in training as a solution and the experience is used in managing the daily business.

One of the participants’ training, Imam Santoso sells pecel (Vegetables salad) everyday admitted that he had only received this kind of training for the first time. This training requires participants to always actively play simulations and discussions.

“Not only listening to the explanation from the speaker, the training is fun and not boring,” he added.