Bank Jateng’s Website Helps Optimize Customer Service

The Bank Jateng website has increasingly played a helping role to optimize the services to the customers who have to reduce direct interaction due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation. This optimization is realized by providing more complete information on the various matters, and providing tips and guidance for the various services and programs carried out by the Bank of Central Java’s people.

In addition to provide more complete and easy to understand information, help the customers and  public, the site also increases bandwidth (maximum capacity of communication channels) therefore the accessers can easily visit and interact. This step is part of the bank’s commitment in the digital era.

As for the menu or feature becomes the accesser’s benchmark, it is made as simple as possible therefore it is easily understood by the public. All the presented menus are expected to provide a concrete picture of what  information and services types are contained in these features.

To be sure, the information on the Bank Jateng website can also be a reference and place for reconfirmation of all the things related to Bank Jateng. The reason is, everything presented on the website has gone a strict selection by the Bank’s management. In the future, this site is expected to become the backbone of Bank Jateng’s information services and digital transaction space.

As is known, Bank Jateng is a financial institution that already has its own website for the communication media. The disruption occurrence which changed the media and information consumption pattern in the community was a force driving for Bank Jateng to optimize the sites manage, not only as a medium of communication but also as the backbone of its digital services.

The digital era known as the 4.0 industrial era encourages the financial business pace to be very fast. The availability of information technology-based services is a necessity due to the  services demands takes place 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The use of information technology and artificial intelligence is an all fronts important part of the banking services.

Naturally, all companies, especially the financial services industry that demands speed and services accuracy, to develop their corporate sites. Since there are at least three things that can be obtained from a good corporate website, namely as a complete and accountable medium information, maintaining the company’s credibility, and providing a healthy space for interaction with its stakeholders.

To be sure, by the company website, the basic information needed by the community can be obtained. In addition, the products information, victories, services and company activities can also be obtained from it. By having their own website, companies will also become more professional since their services way are more complete and scalable. **