Bank Jateng Wonogiri Promotes KUR and Non-Cash Transactions to Villages

WONOGIRI – Bank Jateng is a Bank of Central Java People, a Bank which not only seeks profit but also participates with the government in improving the community’s economy and advancing its region.

It is proved by the appointment of Bank Jateng as one of the Banks which  facilitates the need for additional business capital by the KUR program. This program was welcomed by Bank Jateng, since the KUR’s  interest which was previously lowered by the government by 7 to 6%.

In collaboration with PMD Wonogiri service, will realize non-cash salary transactions with Bank Jateng, since it is the right moment to simultaneously socialize this KUR program to the community and village officials.

The event was attended by the Wonogiri Sub-District Head, the Village Chief, and the Village Apparatus in Wonogiri Sub-District, who were also presented by TNI and Police at Giripurwo of Wonogiri Sub-District, (27/02).

Bank Jateng represented by Agus Sunaryo as Head of the Market Team and staff said, “KUR is currently in very low interest at 6%, is expected to be utilized by the community to develop its business and Bank Jateng is ready to serve consultations to the villages and it is hoped that the village officials and sub-district’s representatives can also convey this information to neighbors, relatives and the surrounding community. “

On that occasion, Wonogiri Sub-District Head, Joko Purwidyatmo, also expressed his support for the KUR program since it could advance the community’s economy and be able to minimize community dependence on “bank plecit” (loan sharks).

On the same occasion, Lurah Giripurwo, Tumino also welcomed this non-cash transaction. Which is the village officials’s salary will go through in every each account in Bank Jateng.

In addition in facilitating the treasurer, village officials can also enjoy the facilities from Bank Jsteng such as credit and savings.

At the end of the socialization was also conveyed by Handoyo, one of the members of Bank Jateng marketing team, BUMDES in Wonogiri District had been registered as BANK JATENG LAKU PANDAI AMBASSADOR AGENT, therefore it is hoped that the existing AMBASSADER AGENTS would easier more facilitate of banking transactions in the villages.

Such as UN payments, electricity, water supply, withdrawals, and savings deposits can also be served there.

The socialization took place very communicatively with a question and answer session from the invitees present.