Bank Jateng won the Banking Service Excellence Awards 2019

JAKARTA – Bank Jateng once again succeeded at the national level award, as a bank that won an excellent award, – special service to customers – Infobank magazine version in Jakarta on Thursday (6/27) night.

The award was given by Infobank Magazine in collaboration with Marketing Research Indonesia (MRI) as a form of appreciation to banks that have succeeded in providing the best service to their customers.

The 29 banks that won the award consisted of 4 state-owned banks, 8 national private banks, 5 Regional Development Banks (BPD), 7 BUS (Sharia Commercial Banks), and 5 UUS (Sharia Business Units) commercial banks.

Awards that were won by the Bank Jateng namely as follows:

– ¹st Best Call Centre;

– ³rd Best Security;

– ³rd Best Teller;

– ³rd Best Branch Telephone

– ⁴th Best Overall Performance

Regional Development Bank category.

The 29 banks that have succeeded in providing the best service to their customers, in the view of the Infobank Research Bureau, are banks that are ready to face the shifting from conventional to digital services. These banks have succeeded in increasing the role of technology in supporting harmony between the front stage and back stage.

The level of service of national banks to customers in Indonesia is known after the 2019 Bank Service Excellence Monitor (BSEM) survey by MRI in collaboration with the Infobank Research Bureau. The method used in the survey is the mystery shopping method.

The 2019 BSEM survey is a 23-year survey conducted by MRI since it was first conducted in 1996. At this year’s BSEM, evaluation of walk-in channel services was conducted in two cities, namely Jakarta and Yogyakarta. This was done since of a shift in transaction patterns from branches to electronic banking and the availability of various digital channels that were more varied.

“Jakarta is always maintained since it is important for the banking world. Meanwhile, Yogyakarta was chosen as a city whose people have been known to be passionate about digital transformation, “said Ermina Yulianti, Managing Director of MRI, when giving a speech.

In this research, said Ermina, the evaluation of bank services is more focused on observing the processes or operations of each transaction at all touch points in each service channel.

“This observation provides a portrait of internal processes and back office support, as well as alignment between HR, business strategy, and business processes of each bank in creating excellence customer experience,” concluded Ermina Yulianti.

Separately, President Director of Bank Jateng, Mr. Supriyatno, expressed his congratulations to the entire family of Bank Jateng. Hopefully this award will further enhance Bank Jateng’s spirit in improving services to customers.

Excitement, Success, Prosperity!