Bank Jateng raih penghargaan The Asian Post

Bank Jateng won the Asian Post award

JAKARTA. Bank Jateng again won the national award. This time the award was obtained by the award of the Best Regional and BUMD Head of 2019 held by The Asian Post.

This award was received directly by the Corporate Secretary Suharto in Jakarta on Friday (7/26) last week. Bank Jateng has been named the best BUMD by The Asian Post based on the results of research conducted in the period of regional governments performance and BUMD from 2012 to 2018. According to Infobank Editor, Eko B Supriyanto, this research is not careless since it is carried out by the professional researchers independently.

The purpose of the research is to find out the local government’s performance and BUMD while at the same time encouraging regional heads and directors of SOEs and their staffs to improve performance.

From the results of The Asian Post’s research, Bank Jateng, which is under the auspices of the Central Java Provincial Government, succeeded in becoming the first rank of the BPD’ Asset Category of 50 trillion rupiahs and more.

“This award is a clear appreciation proof given to Bank Jateng as the best BPD. “Bank Jateng always maintains the performance of its business therefore it continues to run in line with expectations and make as much positive contributions as possible to the community,” Suharto said.

In addition to the results of the research, Bank Jateng was able to win an award since it’s contributed positively to boost national economic growth where 2018 was recorded at 5.17 percent. The extraordinary increase in the regional economy can be created thanks to government policies from the regions’ center, including banks that work together to create equitable growth-oriented development.