Bank Jateng Wins Top 201 BPD Award

JAKARTA. – PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Tengah (Bank Jateng) won Top BUKU III of BPD Award 2019 from Business news Indonesia magazine. This award was presented at Balai Kartini, Jakarta on Wednesday (08/28/2019).

Pujiono (Director of Corporate & Commercial Business at Bank Jateng) expressed his appreciation for the achievement. “This award will motivate us to be even better,” he said after the award ceremony in the Top Bank, Insurance and Multifinance 2019.

Aside from Bank Jateng, 3 other regional banks also received similar appreciation. They are PT Bank BJB Tbk., PT Bank DKI, and PT Bank Jatim Tbk.

2019 Top Bank, Insurance and Multifinance Judges Chairman, Suryo Danisworo said the special award in the financial sector was an important momentum in the development of the national economy.

“Specially to strengthen the performance of the financial industry and support the creation of financial system and economic stability,” he explained.

The stability of the economy and the national financial system will be achieved if the financial industry, especially banking, insurance and finance, has a healthy performance and good service, also able to anticipate business the occurred challenges.

He continued, business challenges in the financial sector, occurred since February 2018. The global economic factors, especially the strengthening of the dollar exchange rate against almost all foreign currencies in the world, had a negative impact on domestic conditions.

Indonesia, India and Philippines are among the countries most affected by this.

Bank Jateng received an award as Top Bank since it was considered capable of maintaining good performance during the period of the political year, elections and presidential elections.

Hopefully this year will still be the top bank seeing the development of performance entering the second half of the year, the assets have grown more than 14 percent from last year’s 67 trillion rupiahs to 73 trillion rupiahs. Moreover, the Third-Party Fund has more than 59 trillion rupiahs with a growth of more than 16 percent.

It’s just that credit has slowed compared to the same period last year, this year only reached 5.5 percent, whereas last year it was above 12 percent. This condition is not far from industries are indeed slowing down. “We remain optimistic that this year can exceed the target,” he said.

He said, the slowdown in credit was a result of political festivities, namely elections and the presidential election since people still had a lot of wait and see, meaning that investors were not working and certainly the working capital wasn’t working. However, now it has begun to increase compared to before the previous presidential election.

The government so far is still focused on infrastructure projects, therefore Bank Jateng remains optimistic that the infrastructure sectors will grow as last year. “Last year we focused on road infrastructure, especially toll roads, although we as participants and the leaders are certainly big banks, such as Trans Java toll road,” he explained.

To be sure, outstanding on toll road infrastructure projects, moreover Bank Jateng has disbursed more than 2 trillion rupiahs in funds. Bank Jateng also cooperates with a number of regional governments to support infrastructure projects in the regions, especially in Central Java, such as in Brebes, Sragen, etc.

As remembered, Bank Jateng is a regional bank, he said, of course the focus of funding support projects in the region, even so there is also support for projects outside of Central Java in collaboration with several other regional BPD. “This is a form of synergy between BPD therefore if one BPD handles a large project, we will be involved especially in the projects infrastructure,” he explained.