Bank Jateng Wins Titanium Trophy Award

Yogyakarta. Bank Jateng won the Titanium Trophy award at the evening event of the 2018 Infobank Awards 2018 at the Royal Ambarukmo Hotel Ballroom in Yogyakarta on Tuesday (8/14) night. This trophy was given to Bank Jateng which won the ‘Very Good’ title for 15 consecutive years. The award was given by Infobank Magazine Deputy Editor in Chief , Karnoto Mohamad and received directly by Bank Jateng President Director, Supriyatno.

According to Supriyatno, Infobank Awards is one of the prestigious awards regarding banking performance, and specifically for Bank Jateng is always at the top. The meaning of this award for Bank Jateng, not only having to remain healthy and solid, but also also continue to grow. “In the last 4 years, Bank Jateng assets have doubled, from Rp 30 trillion to 64 trillion rupiahs now,” he said.

Supriyatno said, this award on the one hand was indeed encouraging on the other hand it also became a warning for Bank Jateng, consequently being a bank with assets above IDR 50 trillion, Bank Jateng was a big bank. Therefore, it does not play in improving quality, especially its human resources. “Raising a bank becomes meaningless without being followed by an improvement in the human resources quality,” he said.

Supriyatno explained, quality human resources were not just smart in banking matters, but also mastered technology. In the information era advancement like today, without mastering digital technology, banks will be crushed by other industries. Therefore, Bank Jateng will utilize Financial Technology (FinTech) and network development. Mentioned about infrastructure development such as the New Yogyakarta International Airport operation (NYIA) New Airport in Kulonprogo and the Yogya-Central Java toll road construction, according to Supriyatno, Central Java and DIY (Yogyakarta Special Region) will be the future of Indonesia. The existence of NYIA not only as the DIY (Yogyakarta Special Region) community benefits but also be felt by the South of Central Java people. “Bank Jateng will play a role together with national banks in terms of financing, including sacred houses financing and LG credit. We will also synergize with Bank BPD DIY in improving the community economy, “he concluded.