Bank Jateng Wins Infobank Awards

JAKARTA – For the umpteenth time, Bank Jateng again won the title of the best national bank, this time Bank Jateng won the Titanium Trophy award from Infobank magazine in the award of “Infobank Awards 2019”. The award was received by Bank Jateng as a bank with a “very good” financial performance for fifteen years.

The award was received by the Director of Retail Business and Sharia Business Unit of Bank Jateng, Hanawijaya in Jakarta, last weekend.

“This means the bank has got 15 years of profit or profit. Good performance, one of the evaluations is consistent profit every year, “said Hanawijaya after receiving the award.

On that occasion he was grateful that Bank Jateng was still able to maintain its performance achievements and could hold the mandate of shareholders in this case is Central Java Provincial Government (Central Java Provincial Government).

“We are contributing to shareholders since the dividend pay- out ratio is almost in the range of 50% of the profit going into the regional income, going to the shareholders,” said Hanawijaya.

He added, going forward Bank Jateng will continue to innovate, especially in terms of digital in the midst of industrial development 4.0. According to him, Bank Jateng will develop the core of banking enhancements namely the Application Protocol Interface (API) which is one of the entrances of Bank Jateng to the digitalization era. “By improving the core of banking, we can work together with fintech, the marketplace, insurance that we are doing,” he added.

One of the forms, according to him, is making applications for customers of the state civil service (ASN) as the main anchor of Bank Jateng. Looking ahead, Bank Jateng expects there are applications for ASN to take care of their needs. One of them is in getting credit, ” therefore is no need to always face to face, face to face only when doing the credit agreement,” he said.

The other digital breakthroughs, continued Hanawijaya, are internet banking and mobile banking in the near future. In addition, Bank Jateng ATMs can also operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“We only need four hours of end off day process, that’s one of the results of digitization,” said Hanawijaya.

For information, the award “Infobank Awards 2019” was given based on the results of the rating of 114 banks in Indonesia conducted by Infobank Research Bureau. The assessment was conducted on the company’s financial performance based on 2017 and 2018 financial statements. There are four approaches used by Infobank Research Bureau to rate 14 banks, namely the approach of important financial ratios, growth, good corporate governance (GCG), and risk profile,

Rating results, from 114 banks, 65 banks won the title “very good”, 26 banks were predicated “good”, 13 banks were predicated “good enough”, and three banks were predicated “not good.