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Bank Jateng Wins Best Bank BPD Award BUKU (Business Activities Commercial Bank) III

Bank Jateng again received an award as The Best BPD Bank in BUKU ( Business Activities Commercial Bank) III of Regional Development Bank category held by Investor Magazine at the 2019 Best Bank Awards at Balai Kartini Jakarta on June 28, 2019, this award was presented by the Head of OJK Banking Research and Regulations Department, Antonius Harie PM and received by the Director of Corporate and Commercial Business, Pujiono.

A total of 20 national commercial banks were selected as the Best Bank in 2019 by Investor Magazine. These banks managed to become the best after passing the initial selection and excel in the ranking stage based on core capital grouping. Each group is determined by the three best banks. In addition to the 20 banks, there are four other banks that won special awards, according to their respective contributions to the economy and the progress of the national banking industry.

Bank Jateng has been named the best bank for BUKU ( Business Activities Commercial Bank) III of Regional Development Bank (BPD) group (core capital of 5 trillion – 30 trillion rupiah), awards were given to PT Bank Pembangunan Jawa Tengah, PT Bank Jawa Timur Tbk, and PT Bank DKI. This explains that Bank Jateng continues to be able to prove its consistency in providing services and maintaining customer comfort in conducting banking transactions.

In general, according to the Jury, the performance of the bank that won was indeed worthy of appreciation. The latest problem with national banking, according to the Chairman of the Jury, Zulkifli Zaini, is the LDR (loan to deposit ratio) position which tends to increase. “LDR is a banking challenge now. Therefore, banks that have succeeded in being the best in their class have been selected, because generally they have a fairly good LDR position, “said Zulkifli Zaini who is also the Chairperson of the Indonesian Bankers Association.

“Banks that won the 2019 award have been selected in their respective classes, some of which repeat the achievements made last year. In accordance with the judging stage, the award is given after these banks pass the initial selection and become the best at the rating stage which refers to the 12 ranking criteria formulated by the Jury, “said Komang Darmawan, Editor in Chief of Investor Magazine in Jakarta, Friday (28/6).

The twelve ranking criteria used include: CAR 2018 (capital adequacy ratio), NPL 2018 (non-performing loans), ROA 2018 (return on assets), ROE 2018 (return on equity), NIM 2018 (net interest margin), BOPO 2018 (comparison of operating expenses with operating income), LDR 2018 (loan to deposit ratio), net interest income growth, growth in operating income other than interest, operating profit growth, credit growth, and cost to asset ratio.

“This award provides positive motivation and as a trigger for us to always provide the best service for customers. Bank Jateng will remain consistent and strive to improve service quality in the future in all aspects, “said Pujiono.

Separately the Managing Director of Bank Jateng, Supriyatno said, at an increasingly mature age of 56 years, Bank Jateng will continue to be committed to further maximizing the role and contribution to society and Indonesia.

Supriyatno who is also the Chairperson of the Regional Development Bank Association (Asbanda) added, as one of the best BPDs in BUKU (Business Activities Commercial Bank) III the optimal role and contribution of Bank Jateng is needed by the community. Not just looking for a breakthrough, but also being in serving the community, one of which is to accelerate the transformation of banks towards Digital.