Bank Jateng Syariah Grants Operational Car Grants to Diponegoro University Semarang

SEMARANG – Bank Jateng Syariah re-embodies a real support form in the world of education development especially in Central Java.

Located at Diponegoro University (Undip) Tembalang Semarang, the awarding of “Grant Aid for Operational Cars Procurement for Diponegoro University,” Monday (12/10/2018).

Bank Jateng’s Managing Director, Supriyatno explained, this good cooperation between Bank Jateng Syariah and Diponegoro University was a form of gratitude for the trust in its financial management to the Bank Jateng Syariah.

“We are obliged to maintain the mandate and as an intermediary, we then channel it to the real sector while paying attention to the prudential banking principle. Customers will take pride in having a big role in the growth of Islamic economics in Indonesia, “said Supriyatno, at on Monday (12/10/2018).

Supriyatno said, Bank Jateng Syariah continues to be committed in providing the best service, especially to the entire academic community of Diponegoro University which culminates in the customer satisfaction, by presenting the quality products and services according to customer needs.

Through 188 office networks spread across cities / regencies in Central Java as well as in Yogyakarta, the public can take the advantage of Bank Jateng Syariah products, including Demand Deposits, Savings, Deposits, with competitive revenue sharing and financing for business capital, investment and needs. others.

“Through this good collaboration between Bank Jateng Syariah and Diponegoro University, we hope it can continue to be improved and provide benefits for the world development of education,” he said.

Still on the same occasion, Undip Chancellor, Yos Johan Utama said, he was very grateful since this vehicle was indeed very necessary and useful.

That is, when students have activities where there are ingredients very useful. Later this vehicle can be used for all students, delegates, and others.

“In the future, hopefully not only this, but there will be more productive and equally beneficial for both Undip and Bank Jateng itself,” he said.

In addition, the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo added, the results of the Undip research were the best in Indonesia. It immediately welcomed some of the results that already existed, and Undip helped especially the onions development including agricultural commodities.

“Undip also helps in social matters such as bureaucratic reform which can be said as daily work. Since I often ask experts at Undip to help select, “added Ganjar. (*)