Bank Jateng Supports UN Payments

The Rural and Urban Land and Building Tax (PBB-P2) is a tax on land and / or buildings that are owned, controlled and / or utilized by individuals or entities. In connection with the benefits of the PBB-P2 tax, a meeting was attended by the Sukoharjo Regent and his wife, Muspida se Sukoharjo, the Head of the OPD, Bank Jateng of Sukoharjo Branch Head and its Sub-dept., The Sub-District Head, the Village Head and the United Nations Collecting Officers in Sukoharjo Regency with a total of less invited guests more than 1,000 people (1/22/2020). This event aims to build friendships among all P2 PBB actors in Sukoharjo Regency and provide an example to the public P2 payment UN obligations in 2020. This event is a routine agenda of the Sukoharjo Government at the beginning of each year.

In his remarks the Head of the Sukoharjo District Financial Board, RM. Suseno Wijayanto, S.H., and M.H. expressed gratitude to all parties who have supported including Bank Jateng of Sukoharjo Branch.

Sukoharjo Regency Regent, H. Wardoyo Wijaya, S.H., M.H., M.M. welcomed this event and considered that concrete actions in the form of examples from leaders were quite effective in building awareness of paying the United Nations. He also appreciated the villages that had been paid off by the United Nations in 2019. The Regent also thanked all parties for the success of the UN payments in 2019, including Bank Jateng, which served UN payments both collectively and individually as well and provided UN payment points in each district. in Sukoharjo. He hoped that in 2020, the achievement of UN payments could increase. Next Sukoharjo Regent gave the SPPT PBB symbolically to Sub-District Administrators in Sukoharjo Regency

The event was followed by a modeled UN payment by the Regent of Sukoharjo had been provided around Bank Jateng in a cash car. Wardoyo conveyed the SPPT PBB to the cash car teller around Bank Jateng, which was then followed by Sukoharjo District Muspida and other officials.

The event was followed by a door prize draw given by the Regent of Sukoharjo, Chairman of the TP PKK Sukoharjo Regency, and Bank Jateng. On this occasion, Bank Jateng of  Sukoharjo Branch Head, Agus Hastono made a draw and gave a door prize from Bank Jateng for invited guests present. Agus stated,  Bank Jateng is ready to provide the best service for Sukoharjo Regency people, especially in the payment of PBB Sukoharjo Regency therefore the achievement rate for PBB payments will increase in 2020.