Bank Jateng Supports to Plant 5000 Coffee Trees Program in Girimulyo Wonogiri Forest

WONOGIRI – The Deputy Regent of Wonogiri, Mr. Edy Santosa who also serves as the Chairman of  Indonesian Farmers Association (HKTI) conducted the first Arabica coffee cultivation planting program in Girimulyo forest, Jatipurno, Wonogiri, on Saturday (29/8/2020).

The program to plant 5000 Arabica coffee trees was attended by the District Leadership Council of Indonesian Farmers Association, the Wonogiri District HKTI Youth Farmers and Bank Jateng. Coffee was chosen to empower the residents economic potential as been said by the Chairman of Wonogiri Regency HKTI .

Edy Santosa said that coffee, which is currently in great demand by the wider community, is an option to be developed.

By empowering the community around Girimulyo Jatipurno forest, he hopes that the community can take good care of coffee therefore it can produce superior coffee commodities which are able to penetrate the market and become an icon for the city of Wonogiri.

Bank Jateng, which at that time was represented by Agus Sunaryo as the Head of  Marketing Team, said that his party was very supportive of this program. This is proved by the provision of Bank Jateng sponsorship for this 5000 tree planting activity.

He also welcomes this program moreover in the future the economy of its surrounding community will be more grown, Wonogiri will be more successful and all farmers can save at Bank Jateng, he said while attending the event.

Edy assessed that the land around  Girimulyo Forest is very supportive for the coffee plants growth. And the Arabica coffee cultivation program is carried out to support local commodities and it is hoped that the surrounding community economy can improve.

He also admitted that he would be committed encouraging the coffee farmers productivity to be able to spread and compete not only in local markets, but also in international markets.

“This activity can also be a place to introduce, develop, and preserve agricultural products in the Girimulyo area, Jatipurno. This cultivation final development is Arabica coffee will be able to become an icon of  Wonogiri city.