Bank Jateng Supports Kebumen Pedalpedia Event

Bank Jateng is the main sponsor of the 2021 Pedalpedia activity which will be held in Kebumen Regency, Central Java on  Saturday (12/6/2021). The event was attended by 100 cyclists with the strict COVID-19 health protocols.

The Head of the Central Java Youth, Sports and Tourism Office, Sinoeng Rahmadi, together with the Deputy Regent of Kebumen, Ristawati Purwaningsih and the Head of the Marketing Division of Bank Jateng’s Retail Funds, Hari Suseno, released a group of cyclists, including the Regent of Kebumen, Arif Sugiyanto and the coordination forum  members  for the local district leaders.

According to Sinoeng, the 128 km route cycling activity   is one of the pilot events held in the pandemic midst.

“The main purpose of this activity is of course ‘sport tourism’ based on the strict health protocols,” he said.

He confirmed the limit on the participant  numbers,  the cyclists health condition  from the origin area to the certainty of the activity location cleanliness.

The 2021 Pedalpedia, which is supported by the Kebumen Regency Government and Bank Jateng, is expected to be able to revive tourism in this area, which was paralyzed by the pandemic.

Meanwhile, the Pedalpedia 2021 Committee, Hendra Dharmanto, said that all the participants were  previously confirmed to have undergone  the COVID-19 test.

“Since this is a pilot activity, the strict health protocols are applied. Participants are usually up to 1,000 people is limited  only to 100 people,” he said.

In this activity, the participants will stop by the four mainstay tourist destinations of the Kebumen Regency, namely are Petahanan Beach, Sempor Reservoir, Jatijajar Cave, and Menganti Beach.

Separately, Herry Nunggal S, the Corporate Secretary of Bank Jateng, stated that Bank Jateng is ready to support   the Central Java Provincial Government agenda .

“We hope that through the Kebumen Pedalpedia activity, we can stimulate sport tourism in the midst of this pandemic. Moreover, this activity also involves the surrounding MSMEs which are expected to stimulate the economy in the region. On the other hand, non-cash payments through QRIS to MSMEs are Bank Jateng’s commitment to participate in initiating banking through the financial inclusion application  in a non-cash transaction. Thus, through this program, it is hoped that it can provide a multiplier effect both to the community and the banking sector,” he concluded.