Bank Jateng, Sukoharjo Branch, Provides Assistance in the Form of Basic Food to Communities Affected by the Covid Pandemic 19

SUKOHARJO – In the midst of the current COVID-19 pandemic, many people are affected, especially in terms of finances. Many families find it difficult to meet their daily needs. Management and Employees of Bank Jateng, Sukoharjo Branch of Employees cannot remain silent seeing the situation. As a form of concern for Bank Jateng, Sukoharjo Branch for the surrounding community.

On Wednesday (10-02-2021) distributed groceries to needy people around the Sukoharjo branch of the Bank Jateng. The distribution of staple foods was given to the head of the RT around the Sukoharjo branch of the Bank Jateng. Which is then distributed by the Head of the RT to people in need.

On this occasion, Head of the Central Java Bank Branch, Agus Hastono, represented the Management and Employee Employees providing the basic food assistance. Agus expressed his gratitude to the elders of the community and the community around the Sukoharjo Branch of the Bank Jateng Office.

“There is a Javanese proverb that says bowl pager luwih Kuwat rather than wall pager,” said Agus in his remarks. This proverb has such deep meaning. How could we not, our ancestors have taught a very important social science, namely doing good to our neighbors.

Agus also added, “It would be nice if even though the fence was made, the friendship was still closely intertwined. Don’t have an anti-social nature, because we humans are social creatures who will definitely need other people. This was welcomed by the Head of the RT who attended this activity.

One of the representatives of the Head of RT, Mr. Samiyo, expressed his gratitude for the concern of Bank Jateng. “Hopefully Bank Jateng will progress, all employees are healthy and full of blessings,” he hoped.
These activities run smoothly and adhere to health protocols.