Bank Jateng Submits the Pajero Sport Operational Car to Unnes

Semarang – Bank Jateng handed over an operational unit of the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Dakkar to the Semarang State University (Unnes) as part of one form of expression of gratitude for the cooperation that had gone well.

The surrender of the operational car that took place at the Semarang Unnes Campus on Wednesday began with the signing of the handover and handover of the car keys by the Corporate and Commercial Business Director of Bank Jateng, Pujiono and received by Unnes Chancellor Fathur Rokhman. “We hope that the surrender of this operational car can be beneficial and make the relationship between Bank Jateng and Unnes even more tightly,” he said.

Pujiono recounted that Unnes Branch Bank Jateng had been operating since 1993 on Jalan Kelud Raya until now or even 24 years providing financial services and financing to lecturers, staff, and students.

“The development of the Unnes Campus is increasingly advanced and varied and continues to increase. It makes a considerable market potential for Bank Jateng in raising funds and lending,” he said.

Unnes Chancellor Fathur Rokhman in using this service will provide benefits for operational services from Bank Jateng and will be used to improve service excellence.

“Thank you for PT Bank Jateng. Working closely with banks to develop the financial system. Unnes even became a model in managing BLU throughout Indonesia. Universities that will manage BLU Remuneration will study at Unnes,” he said.

Fathur claimed that Bank Jateng was very helpful, including for himself as a creditor (in 2013, which was called sending a decree to get a loan from Bank Jateng, ed.), So also helping lecturers, and for Unnes in financial governance. “Bank Jateng greatly helped Unnes financial management and for the seventh year in a row, Unnes received the title of healthy finance,” said Fathur Rokhman.