Bank Jateng- Sragen Regency Government Launches E-SPBU

SRAGEN – Bank Jateng of Sragen Branch has re-established cooperation with Sragen Regency Government (Pemkab), in non-cash payment innovation. This time what was launched was the E-SPBU, an electronic transaction for the purchase of fuel oil (BBM) at the Nglangon General Fuel Filling Station (SPBU) on Thursday (1/8). The launch was carried out with the Head of Bank Jateng of Sragen Branch, Retno Tri Wulandari together with the Head of the Regional Financial and Asset Management Agency (BPPKAD) Dwiyanto, Retno Tri Wulandari said, the innovation of the E-SPBU non-cash transaction was the first time in Central Java.

While the application is indeed only for vehicles in BPPKAD, in three gas stations owned by Sragen Regency Government. Namely Nglangon gas station, Pilangsari gas station and Tangen gas station. “While it is indeed new for vehicles in the Sragen Regency BPPKAD consequently going forward, it can cover all of the Organization’s vehicles.

Regional Apparatus (OPD) in Sragen Regency Government, “said Wulan.

In the future, we can also hold all gas stations in Sragen. This is to anticipate purchases in other places far away, such as in Gemolong or Sumberlawang.

“In fact, with Sragen as a pilot project, it does not rule out the possibility of being developed in other districts in Central Java,” he said. Kusdinar Regent Untung Yuni Sukowati and Regional Secretary (Sekda) Tatag Prabawanto also supported this innovation. They even encourage more innovation in non-cash transactions that can be done.

Head of BPPKAD Dwiyanto said, for the time being the E-SPBU was implemented at BPPKAD. This is as an evaluation in the application process. After that proceed to the other four OPDs, namely the Office of the Environment (DLH), Satpol PP, the Office of Housing and Settlements (Disperkim) and the Department of Industry and Trade (Disperindag) moreover t if everything goes smoothly next year can be applied in all OPDs.

“The hope is that it can indeed develop like a government credit card, but while it is new for the purchase of fuel at gas stations,” Dwiyanto said. If currently the equipment is still assisted by Bank Jateng, it is possible that if applied in all OPDs, Sragen Regency Government will procure the equipment. With the implementation of the E-gas station, spending and payment will be increasingly controlled.

Moreover, there are already instructions from the Centre to minimize cash transactions within the local government environment. For now. in the three gas stations owned by Sragen regency, they are equipped with three MPOS equipment.

In the future it will develop into areas where there are no gas stations owned by Sragen regency, such as Gemolong or Gondang.