Bank Jateng Semarang Submits Insurance Claims to the Two Doctors’ Heirs

SEMARANG – Bank Jateng of Semarang Coordinator Branch held a Symbolic submission of Insurance Claims to the two heirs of Covid-19 Fighting Doctors at Semarang City Hall on Thursday, August 13, 2020.

Bank Jateng submitted a life insurance claim of 253,240,042, – rupiahs to the PLO credit debitors on the behalf of dr. Elliana Widiastuti and the Bima Savings Sipanda Insurance claim on the behalf of dr. Sang Aji Widi Aneswara.

The submission was carried out together at Semarang City Hall on Thursday, August 13, 2020. Symbolically, the insurance claim was submitted by the Semarang City Secretary Bpk. Iswar Aminudin and the Retail and Sharia Business Unit Director of Bank Jateng, Bpk. Hanawijaya, and accompanied by Corporate Fund Marketing Division Head of Bank Jateng, Bpk. Bambang Heru Santoso and  Bank Jateng of Semarang Branch Coordinator Head Bpk. Imam Hanafi.

Mr. Iswar Aminudin appreciated Bank Jateng for its high commitment to its namely customers dr. Eliana Widiastuti and dr. Sang Aji Widi Aneswara who are the employees of Semarang city government who passed away in struggling against Covid-19. The insurance claims submission is a the government and related institutions commitment, especially Bank Jateng to provide  its customers’ rights compensation .

Meanwhile, Mr. Hanawijaya said, Bank Jateng products provide convenience for all the customers, who are the  civil servants (ASN) in principle. That’s why, Mr. Hanawijaya hopes that the heirs will not feel burdened. Mr. Hanawijaya also expressed his condolences for the passing deceased who were fighters and hero in handling Covid-19.

Mr. Imam Hanafi said the claims’ submission is a form of Bank Jateng’s commitment in providing a sense of security and comfort to the customers.

The heir of dr. Sang Aji, Mrs. Heti Sanjaya, thanked to Bank Jateng for the insurance claim  submission which she could later use for education and future of her child who wanted to continue her father’s struggle.

Meanwhile, according to dr. Eliana Widiastuti’s heirs  namely Bpk. Toto Yuliyanto, who has a loan at Bank Jateng, said that he was very grateful since  the loan was registered in life insurance and if something happened to the debitor the loan was automatically paid off therefore the customer was relieve and did not burden the heirs.