Bank Jateng Resolved with Anti-Corruption and Anti-Gratification Culture

Semarang – The  proud of the people of Central Java commercial bank, Bank Jateng, has made a strong determination to root a culture of anti-corruption and anti-gratification and maintain the integrity in carrying out its business activities. This determination is not only carried out in declarations and statements, but also is manifested by establishing a Gratification Control Unit (UPG), and other concrete activities to build understanding in its ranks about corruption and gratification.

The anti-corruption campaign with the theme “Karena Korupsi Tak Kenal Pandemi”, involves all the employees, partners, vendors and stakeholders. This is done since controlling corruption and graft must synergize the community from the top down, but also from the bottom up. Not to forget, this campaign also involves millennials who are invited to be creative about anti-corruption by the cultural activities of the Corruption Free Generation.

The UPG Head of Bank Jateng, Agus Sapto Prasetio, emphasized that his party not only appealed but ordered all levels of Bank Jateng to accept gratuities and commit corruption. “No Corruption, No Gratification. Corruption and Gratification are haram, ”said Agus Sapto, at the Talkshow of Membumikan Budaya Anti-Gratifkasi dan Anti Korupsi on Monday (21/12/2020).

The President Director of Bank Jateng, Supriyatno said the determination to eradicate corruption was manifested in the declaration and signing of the integrity pact by all levels of Bank Jateng, also carried out in other activities involving all the stakeholders and millennials. “All the employees of Bank Jateng signed a commitment to be anti-gratification and anti-corruption,” said Supriyatno.

The KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission) Head Coordinator of Regional 7, Brigadier General (Pol) Bahtiar Ujang Purnama SIK MSi, said that corruption is the only criminal act handled by the  three agencies, namely the Police, the Attorney General’s Office and to strengthen the handling in between the two agencies there is KPK. This indicates that the corruption criminal act is a serious problem with a very large impact, especially on the national economy aspects.

Bahtiar reminded, besides the extraordinary effects and impacts, it turned out that corruption had also spread to the lowest level. One of the records of the corruption criminal act in its operational modus is the act of gratification or giving, which was initially considered normal, but for the government officials and employees, including government-owned enterprises, gratification is prohibited.

Meanwhile, the Head of Regional Financial Services Authority (OJK) 3 for Central Java DIY, Aman Santosa, explained that in banking there was his brother of the Tipikor (Corruption), namely Tipibank (Banking Crime) who was born before the KPK institution. “We want to both uphold an anti-corruption and an anti-Tipibank culture,” he said.

In the banking law there are at least 12 articles that regulate Tipibank, namely the articles that regulate bank licensing, bank secrets, bank supervision, bank business activities, affiliated parties, shareholders and adherence to the regulations. Aman Santosa invited the ranks of Bank Jateng to implement anti-gratification, anti-corruption and anti-fraud at the same time.

As is well known, banking is a highly regulated business since most of the assets under  management are owned by the third parties.  The banking business owned capital is only about 20% under the management total assets.

The Special Functional Prosecutor for the High Court of Central Java, Sugeng SH MH, on behalf of Central Java Kajati, said the important assets in handling corruption are religiosity and integrity. People who obey the their religion outreach will have good integrity. Integrity itself is the similarity between people’s attitudes, behavior, thoughts and actions.

Therefore, the KPK campaign slogan “Honest is Great”, according to Sugeng, is very compatible. since honesty is an integrity real form. Regarding the efforts to fight gratification, Sugeng reminded that the understanding essence is refusal. “The anti-gratuity refuses to give, not reports,” he said. **