Bank Jateng Rembang Holds Credit Promotion with Doorprise Prizes

Tuesday, October 16 2018. Bank Jateng of Rembang Branch held a gathering with the Head of the Rembang Regency Office. The event was opened by Bank Jateng, Head of Rembang Branch, Mr. Dwi Handoyo.

He expressed his gratitude for the presence and good cooperation with the Rembang District Offices so far. In the face of increasingly tight competition for credit and public funds in the field. For the end of 2018 Bank Jateng of Branch Rembang held a breakthrough in credit promos with attractive Doorprise prizes including: 1 motorcycle, refrigerator, washing machine, led tv and other attractive prizes. The program at the end of the year was immediately greeted by a standing ovation by the attending attendees.

In addition to the credit promotion program, the savings program was also presented with the likes and prizes to all participants. Bank Jateng hopes that with the Gathering with Rembang District Office Head can establish a good relationship to Bank Jateng of Branch Rembang.

Branch Marketers Team. Development