Bank Jateng Relocating Sub-Branch Office of Rembang District

Rembang – Bank Jateng has again added service facilities to customers by inaugurating the Relocation of Rembang Sub-District Branch Office on Thursday (12/26). The inauguration was carried out by Rembang Regent Abdul Hafidz, accompanied by the Director of Operations and Digital Banking of Bank Jateng, Rahadi Widayanto and the Chairperson of Rembang Branch Office, Aqum Salimi.

The inauguration was marked by ribbon cutting by the Regent and continued with a review of customer service space.

On this occasion, Abdul Hafidz asked Bank Jateng to be able to pay more attention to what the needs of Rembang community, one of which is the activities of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). As one of the Regionally Owned Enterprises (BUMD) whose share ownership is held by the Provincial government and the Municipality / Municipality in Central Java.

Hafidz hopes that this new office can increase the motivation of Bank Jateng to add service innovation. “If Bank Jateng is indeed claimed to be the bank of Central Java people, I ask for innovative programs that touch on community activities such as MSMEs. There must be no understanding as if the bank is purely commercial, there must be a social element, “explained Hafidz.

Director of Operations and Digital Banking of Bank Jateng, Rahadi Widayanto stated, the relocation of this office aims to be able to better provide the best service for customers. At present, the new office is more representative than the old office.

Rahadi said, service efforts to customers continue to be improved. Rembang currently has 1 Branch Office, 3 Sub-Branch Offices, 6 Cash Offices, 2 Payment Points, and 1 Sharia Service. In addition, there have been 24 ATMs located in Bank Jateng located in the strategic places.

“Regarding ATM services, we also work with other banks for Joint and Prima Services. Therefore, the customers can still transact at other banks, without being exposed to additional costs, especially for ASN, “said Rahadi.

According to him, Bank Jateng developed well from the support of the community, as well as the government, both districts / cities and provinces. Especially for the Rembang Regency Government, in 2018 yesterday invested 37.3 billion rupiahs. Moreover, Bank Jateng gave a dividend of 6.5 billion rupiahs. “With the District incessantly depositing capital, the province’s shares which were originally 55 percent have now become 50 percent,” he said.