Bank Jateng Receives Award from BI for Electronification Implementation in Purworejo

PURWOREJO – Bank Jateng received an award from Bank Indonesia (BI) for the Implementation of Electronic E-Retribution Market and Islamic Boarding Schools in Purworejo Regency.

The award was presented by Deputy Governor of BI, Sugeng to the Director of Operations and Digital Banking of Bank Jateng, in the Great Hall of Purworejo Regency on Wednesday.

The event coincided with the opening of the 2019 Purworejo Expo Dance that was attended by BI and Forkompinda throughout Purworejo Regency.

According to Sugeng, the award was given for the contribution of Bank Jateng in order to encourage electronification of government transactions and community retail transactions, especially in Purworejo Regency area.

Meanwhile, Rahadi Widayanto expressed his gratitude for the trust and appreciation given to Bank Jateng, while during this time it was always trying to give the best.

Regarding this electronification, said Rahadi, Bank Jateng has been implementing the Market E-retribution and Non-Market E-retribution.

“The market e-retribution itself has been carried out in two stages. The first is done in Suronegaran Market and for the second stage is conducted in 4 markets, namely Butuh, Grabag, Pituruh, and Kaliboto markets “Rahadi explained in his written statement on Tuesday (11/05/2019).

Whereas Non-Market E-retribution has been implemented including E-retribution in the field of waste, Use of Regional Wealth, Communication Tower, and Fish Auction.

Rahadi added, in addition to the above programs, Bank Jateng of Purworejo Branch and Purworejo Regency Government also had other electronification collaborations

Among them are the implementation of Host to Host SP2D system, PBB Tax, BPHTB and Other Taxes, and the Implementation of Cash Management Systems (CMS) in all OPDs in Purworejo Regency.

He revealed that currently the electronification program was a concern for both parties, both the Bank Jateng and Purworejo Regency Government.

As a note, some of the agenda became the next project were Host to Host of RSUD Dr. Tjitrowardojo Purworejo, Electronification at Pondok Pesantren, E-KIR, and Laku Pandai Bumdes in Purworejo Regency