Bank Jateng Ready to Support the BKKBN Program

SEMARANG – Bank Jateng is ready to provide support for the success of Central Java National Family Planning Coordinating Board (BKKBN) program through one of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities owned by Bank Jateng. The collaboration of these two institutions is also expected to reduce poverty in Central Java while at the same time encourage the achievement of economic growth targets by 7 percent in the province .

The Bank Jateng’s cooperation plan to support the BKKBN program was also revealed in the morning apple at the BKKBN Office on Jl Pemuda Semarang, Monday (02/17/2020). Present at the rally were Head of Marketing and Corporate Fund Policy Division of Bank Jaten, Irianto Harko Saputro, Chief Marketing Officer of the Main Branch, Imam Hanafi and Head of the Main Branch Marketer Team,  Eko Samudro Wibowo and all officials and employees of Central Java BKKBN.

“We strongly support the BKKBN program since all of them reduce poverty, malnutrition and so on. Through our CSR program, Bank Jateng is ready to support in the future, “explained Irianto.

He added currently one of the CSR programs related to the BKKBN program had been carried out at Bank Jateng of Salatiga Branch  in the form of savings gift giving worth 500 thousand rupiahs for the first 20 men who were vasectomized. In the future, he continued, not only stop there, other programs will give benefit to the wider community will be discussed.

“Bank Jateng has a network throughout Central Java to the regions, therefore support for the BKKBN program will be carried out not only in big cities, but also to the remote villages. Since, usually in these vulnerable stunting areas and early marriage which is the target of BKKBN, “he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of Central Java BKKBN Representative Wagino said he was ready to establish further cooperation with Bank Jateng. One of the programs can be carried out in the future is the empowerment of KB Villages in 35 Regencies / Cities in Central Java.

“In the KB village there is an Effort to Increase Family Welfare Income (UPPKS). His efforts are mostly in the form of SMEs, such as making special food or handicraft items. Now, by this cooperation we hope Bank Jateng can help in the capital and business development fields, especially how the marketing strategy is, “explained Wagino.

Meanwhile,  after the morning apple activity, continued by the opening of a new savings account of Bank Jateng by 380 KB cadres. Moreover, the salaries will be transferred by Bank Jateng account.