Bank Jateng Ready for KIK Financing

KENDAL – Kendal Industrial Park (KIK) development continues, even to facilitate investors in obtaining financing, KIK Director, Didik Purbadi and Bank Jateng of Kendal Head , Adi Kusniawan Rahmanto signed the agreement. Witnessed by Kendal Regent, Mirna Annisa and Regional Secretary Kendal, Moh Toha, this collaboration was carried out on Friday (07/02) in the regent’s office.

Kendal Regional Secretary, Moh Toha, said the activity was a collaboration between Bank Jateng    and KIK related to financing for company owners in Kendal Industrial Estate. “therefore if for example there is financing needed by the company owner in KIK, it can utilize Bank Jateng, since tit is  Javanese bank,” he said.

Adi Kusniawan Rahmanto, Bank Jateng of Kendal Head explained, this collaboration aims to finance tenants (company owners) in KIK. “We are doing this collaboration to support investment activities in KIK. We will altherefore provide a full financing process, including anticipating overseas services, which we will open for foreign exchange services, “he said.

“Hopefully, with the cooperation witnessed by Kendal Regency Government, it can help the economy in Kendal Regency and help Central Java economy according to the request of the Governor of Central Java, which has launched 7% economic increasements , hopefully this collaboration will succeed in the program. , “Hoped Adi Kusniawan.

Meanwhile, Didik Purbadi said, Bank Jateng was the first bank to collaborate with KIK. As the center of investment activities in Indonesia which is centered in Central Java moreover  KIK can expand the multiplayer effect of the investment presence can be more beneficial for the regional development. “Therefore, Central Java as a buffer one of the pillars for development in Kendal Regency and Central Java can participate in the investment success activities, especially those in Central Java,” he said.

Didik Purbadi continued, “Investment activities will certainly take the capital entering Central Java, this can be optimized for development, moreover what accumulates can encourage activities in other sectors outside of industrial activities, such as SME sector and the incoming investment presence development of another sector . Thus this collaboration will be even tighter and better for the future. According to Didik, this collaboration is good news for business people or investors in KIK. He hopes investors can take the services advantage of Bank Jateng presence.