Cabang Devisa Yogyakarta

Bank Jateng Provides Ease of Import Export Financing

Bank Jateng again opened the seventh Foreign Exchange Service in Yogyakarta Special Region (DIY). The opening was one of the tips to expand market share, after previously six other branches were officially opened in several cities in Central Java.

The launch was held on Friday (28/9), at Hotel Alena Yogyakarta. Present at the event included DIY Secretary, UGM Business and Incubation Development Director, of BI DIY, OJK DIY Head of Representative, Head of DIY Industry and Trade Office, Bank Jateng, President Director and Chairman of DIY Kadin Advisory Board.

Related to that, the Bank Jateng Managing Director Supriyatno said, one of the reasons for opening foreign transaction services in DIY was the extraordinary potential of the region, which was the center of business, tourism and education. In addition, it is supported by the presence of a new airport in Kulonprogo.

“The hope is by the opening of the Foreign Exchange Service, it can drive the economy which spurs economic growth in the Yogyakarta region. In addition, it can also facilitate SMEs, “he said.

Asked about the target, Supriyatno revealed that in addition to foreign currency deposits, also the development of remittances and trading services using letters of credit.

In addition, his side will also intensely provide education and training to MSME regarding the international trade process. (is)