Bank Jateng Promotes Simple Savings to Central Java BPPLOP athletes

SEMARANG – In the context of promotional activities of Bank Jateng, recently Bank Jateng of Semarang Main Branch in collaboration with the Central Sports Education and Training Center for Students (BPPLOP) in Central Java provided education and socialization about non-cash transactions. The activity was held at the Central Java PPLOP Office on Jl Tlogo Bodas Raya Semarang (02/10/2020) was attended by around 100 BPPLOP athletes.

The athletes seemed enthusiastic to follow the socialization led by the Head of Bank Jateng Marketing Team Eko Samudro Wibowo along with other marketing teams. These athletes are talented young people from 35 districts / cities that are expected to carry the fragrant name of Central Java in the future.

In fact, since of his enthusiasm after the socialization of the athletes, assisted by a team of marketers opened a Savings Student Savings account (Simple). This Simple Savings is one of the products of Bank Jateng for students / students who have easy and simple requirements and attractive features.

“This simple savings is also in the context of education and financial inclusion to encourage the culture of saving from an early age,” Eko Samudro explained on the sidelines of the event.

He also added, athletes who were expected to carry the fragrance of Central Java’s name in  national and international arena were introduced to the culture of saving on early. The goal is the students realize the benefits of saving for their future. The athletes were also introduced to how to transact easily at the  banks.

“Moreover, this Simple Savings Bank Jateng is a lightweight savings in initial deposit and subsequent deposits and free of administrative costs,” he added.