Bank Jateng Promotes KUR to the Association of Beef Cattle Breeders (ASPIN)

Bank Jateng of Kendal Branch Office, on Saturday, February 2, has held a socialization regarding KUR (People’s Business Credit) in an event held by DPC ASPIN of Kendal – Batang Regency. This event took place at Penyangkringan Village Hall, Weleri Municipality and attended by approximately 100 people, consisting of cattle and corn farmers in Kendal and Batang areas.

On this occasion Bank Jateng, represented by Gilang Mifta Fariz as productive credit analyst at Bank Jateng of Kendal Branch and Bank Jateng of Weleri Auxiliary Branch, represented by Kanit Marketing Febrian Mulya Arif, provided information on KUR products and other credit products. It is expected that the socialization of Bank Jateng can support the cattle and corn farmers’ efforts in Kendal and Batang regions will be easier to find & obtain the capital to improve and expand its business. KUR aims to increase and expand the financing access to be the productive businesses. Increase the micro, small and medium enterprises competitiveness, and encourage the economic growth and employment.

Kendal Branch Leader, Adi Kurniawan Rahmanto said, through this socialization, he hoped there would be more MSMEs in Kendal Regency especially farmers to get to know of Bank Jateng’s credit products. In line with the government’s instructions, KUR distribution must be channeled more to the productive sectors such as farmers who have had difficulties in accessing banking products.