Bank Jateng Promotes KUR Credit and QRIS Payment Methods, at Grobogan People’s Market Event 2020

PURWODADI – Bank Jateng of Purwodadi Branch participated in Grobogan People’s Market 2020 event in commemorating the 294th of Grobogan Anniversary. The event was opened by the Regent of Grobogan Regency, Hj. Sri Sumarni, SH.MM, at Purwodadi square ( Alun Alun), (3/13).

On this occasion, the Grobogan Regent also said to continue increasing KUR credit distribution in order to increase business therefore as to be able to sustain and improve the regional economy.

Bank Jateng of Purwodadi Branch promotes People’s Business Credit (KUR) and also introduces payment methods through QRIS to the  here business doers.

“We are also cooperating with the UMKM fostered by Bank Jateng for the sake of tangible cooperation with business actors through KUR credit distribution,” said Budhi Santoso as Deputy Head of Bank Jateng of Purwodadi Branch . The event lasted for 6 days, from 13 to 18 March 2020.

It is hoped by joining this event,  Bank Jateng will increasingly be able to introduce superior products, both from credit and savings products.