Bank Jateng President Director, Supriyatno Chosen as 2019 Regional Top Banker Investor Magazine Version

JAKARTA. – President Director of Bank Jateng, Supriyatno Selected as 2019 Regional Top Banker Investor Magazine Version. The award charter for the Director of Bank Jateng was submitted by the Minister of Economy, Airlangga Hartarto received by Rahadi Widayanto, Director of Operations and Digital Banking of Bank Jateng.

Rahadi Widayanto said that the award was an achievement for 5500 employees of Bank Jateng who had worked optimally for the convenience of customers.

“This award will also be a spirit and is expected to motivate all employees of Bank Jateng to continue to improve services. As well as trying to make Bank Jateng as a bank that always provides the best service for customers, “he explained.

The challenge for Bank Jateng in the future, continued Rahadi, is technology services and strong human resources need. “Therefore, Bank Jateng is also cooperating with fintech and trying to target millennials,” he said.

Rahadi also explained, in order to maintain performance, Bank Jateng also continued to develop information technology, one of which was by launching the E-Bima application.

This information technology improvement, according to Rahadi, is called the Bima Middleware program. Where the company is striving for more than 300 information owned channels can be connected to the core of banking. In the end, this is expected to be able to improve the efficiency of banking operations as well as provide reinforcement to the existing application, E-Bima.

Innovative Investor Magazine named eight chief executive officers of the corporation as Indonesia’s Financial Figure 2019.

The predicate as a 2019 Financial Figure is given for the achievements achieved in advancing the company while contributing to the progress of the industry in which it is engaged. When all industries are demanded to continue to grow when the economy tends to slow down, while being responsive to the demands of business change in the digital age, elected CEOs are proven able to prove it through the positive financial performance. Their contribution also has a positive impact on the development of the industry they work at. The CEO’s work deserves to be an inspiration for other companies. Four CEOs, each from the listed, securities, insurance and finance company categories, were named “Top Executive 2019”.

Whereas two CEOs from the banking industry won awards as ‘Top Banker 2019’, and one CEO Fund Manager was selected as ‘Top Fund Manager 2019’. One award was given to the CEO of BUMN as the “Agent of Change of Staten Owned Enterprise”. The jury also agreed to give Lifetime Achievement awards to the two CEOs who have won the same award more than five times, in the business they are involved in.

The Chairman of the Jury Board Hotbonar Sinaga explained that the chosen CEO was a figure who was considered successful in capturing the company that was led by continuing to record growth in the financial performance amid a slowdown in the national economy. The CEOs are also considered to have innovative strategies in developing the company’s business. The CEO chosen is also considered to have an important contribution to the company industry is involved in and deserves to be a role model. The Investor Magazine award event is the 16th year.

There are 8 categories of awards given, including Top Executive of Listed Company, Top Executive of Securities Company, Top Executive of Insurance Company, Top Executive of Multifinance Company, Top National Banker, Top Regional Banker, Top Fund Manager and Agent of Change of State-Owned Enterprises.

News Director of One Media Holdings (Investor Magazine Publisher) Primus Dorimulu, said that the award for the CEOs aims to motivate the financial industry players to remain innovative and adaptive to the demands of modern business change moreover they continue to seize the business opportunities in the industry they are engaged in.

“An adaptive business breakthrough to the development of modern business is needed amid numerous challenges, both in domestic and global economy. In challenging conditions, a CEO must also be careful with the business strategy that is carried out therefore the company can survive, “Primus Dorimulu said.

The TFI judging process took place from the beginning of October to the end of November 2019. This year, the Jury emphasized the importance of the CEO’s strategy to be able to continue to grow amid the economic slowdown and global uncertainty.

Good side of corporation

The TFI judging process took place from the beginning of October to the end of November 2019. This year, the Jury emphasized the importance of the CEO’s strategy to be able to continue to grow amid the economic slowdown and global uncertainty. The CEOs need to find a breakthrough step to advance the company while contributing to the development of the industry being worked on. The good side of corporate governance (GCG) and corporate social responsibility (CSR) also received attention.

The jury team was selected from professionals who had a career in the financial environment, and financial practitioners, namely Hotbonar Sinaga, financial and insurance observers, Aviliani, economist, Salyadip Saputra, managing director of the Indonesian Securities Rating Agency (PEFINDO), Prof. Firmanzah, chancellor of Paramadina University, Gunawan Tjokro, chair of policy of the Indonesian Issuers Association (AEI), Suheri Lubis, Chair of the Indonesian Pension Fund Association (ADPI), and Primus Dorimulu, director of Beritasatu Media Holdings.

Based on the Judges agreement, the initial selection is based on the financial performance in each sector. The approach used to assess company performance is improvement, and achievement for assessment adjustments, referring to June 2019 performance.

Each sector is assessed according to their respective criteria that most influence company growth.

For the Top Regional Banking selection, selection is assessed from financial performance measured using 12 criteria, namely CAR, NPL, ROA, ROE, NIM, BOPO, LDR, operating income growth, non-interest income growth, operating profit growth, credit growth, and ratio of labor costs.

After passing the assessment based on these criteria, there is an assessment based on improvement and achievement of ROA, ROE, LDR, operating income growth, non-interest income growth, operational profit growth, credit growth, based on the performance of June 2018-June 2019. As the result, three CEOs of national banks and three regional bank CEOs go forward to the next round.