Bank Jateng Prepares Future Leaders Cadre

Having the responsibility to prepare leaders cadre who is a part of the regeneration processes, the management of PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah (BPD) JawaTengah, (Bank Jateng) in collaboration with MM FEB UGM implemented the Executive Leadership Program (Exel Pro) of Bank Jateng senior officials for 3 months. The board of commissioners, directors, and management of Bank Jateng departed in an electric Becak to the location of the Opening Ceremony at Tamansari Jogjakarta, Saturday (5/6), with the Covid-19 health protocol. Via Exel Pro, it is hope can improve the service quality faster and easier by increasing the human resource capabilities.

The MoU was signed by the Managing Director of Bank Jateng, Supriyatno and the Head of MM UGM Study Program, Prof. Eduardus Tandelilin. Witnessed by the Dean of FEB UGM, Dr. Eko Suwardi MSc, and Director of MM UGM, Dr. Hani Handoko MBA.

Supriyatno is pleased and grateful to be able to work with a university that has an international reputation and experience in organizing well-known executive development programs in Indonesia. Exel Pro Bank Jateng provides a red carpet and equal opportunities for Bank Jateng’s internal cadres or growth within. This was attended by 28 executive officers of Bank Jateng. Namely the Senior Executives, Division Heads, and Branch Managers or their equivalent.

“Currently, Bank Jateng’s total assets reach up to 78.26 trillion rupiahs, the second largest of 27 BPDs in Indonesia. And a banking business that has undergone many changes requires strong transformational leadership. The massive digital technology use in financial transaction and payment activities. Bankers cannot rely on business as usual methods. But it is necessary to think and act out of the box. By making innovations and new breakthroughs, “said Supriyatno, accompanied by the Chairman of Bank Jateng, Yogyakarta Branch, Sulton Syarif, and the Deputy Chairman Sambu Dharta Gautama.

Supriyatno hopes that Exel Pro can produce human capital who has balanced knowledge and practical base or leadership qualifications, new thinking and breakthrough projects that can enrich the Bank’s Business Plan (RBB) 2021. Hopefully it can open thought horizons, foster the courage to speak, and can absorb DIJ nuances well.

“We are entrusting Bank Jateng cadres to be able to get guidance as future leaders,” said Supriyatno.

Prof. Eduardus Tandelilin revealed that the good leader created the great leader. Hopefully MM UGM can answer the trust and fulfill the commissioners and directors  board expectations of Bank Jateng to produce leaders who are able to work hard, smart, and sincere.