Bank Jateng Participates in Kartini Day Celebration at Rembang Square

Rembang 21 April 2018. Mini event of Bank Jateng Rembang Branch in center city of Rembang Regency on 21 April 2018 Rembang Regency Government held a series of activities to commemorate Kartini Day with Gema Kartini theme. One of the activities are live inbox sctv in Rembang district square on 21-22 April 2018.

Bank Jateng was asked to enliven the event. Bank Jateng in this activity has a role to introduce Bank Jateng product to Rembang community. There are various games one of the main prizes of Led 24 inch TV and for customers who open a savings account or DPLK on that day will also get attractive prizes. Mini event of Bank Jateng Rembang Branch is held during this activity.

Team Marketer and Creative Team of Rembang Branch