Bank Jateng Participates in Enlivening Banjarnegara Anniversary Activities

BANJARNEGARA – Bank Jateng of Banjarnegara Branch, Friday (02/21/2020) handed over 150 million rupiahs for the 449th Anniversary of Banjarnegara Regency. The symbolic handover was carried out by the Deputy Leader of Banjarnegara Branch, Makhali to the Banjarnegara Regent, Budhi Sarwono at the Regent’s Office House Pringgitan, accompanied by the Regional Secretary of Banjarnegara, Indarto. 

Makhali said the fund was a form of participation of Bank Jateng as a development partner of Banjarnegara Regency Government. On the occasion, witnessing symbolic handover included the Administrative Assistant, Tien Sumarwati, Head of BPPKAD Dwi Suryanto, Head of Government and Regional Autonomy Dwi Buntoro, and Banjarnegara Anniversary committee. 

Banjarnegara Regent, Budhi Sarwono, on this occasion expressed his gratitude for the participation of Bank Jateng in Banjarnegara development community and service activities. The assistance will be used carefully for the operational implementation of activities in connection with the Anniversary of Banjarnegara. 

“On behalf of Regency Government, we would like to thank Bank Jateng, which has always partnered with Banjarnegara Regency Government in all the development and community activities. I hope the committee can use it carefully therefore the activities can be effective, successful and smooth, “the Regent ordered. 

Meanwhile, Secretary of Banjarnegara, Indarto, as Chairman of the 449th Anniversary of the Banjarnegara District added, in commemorating the 449th Anniversary commemorated on February 26, the Government of Banjarnegara will hold various activities, including: Performing Arts and People Culture, Penjor Competition , Ngaji Together with Gus Miftah, Kirab Budaya, as well as special music performances presented artists Via Vallen. 

“For the ceremonial activities is still the same as in the previous years, among others, Bupati’s grave pilgrimage, the former Regent’s invitation, and of course Banjarnegara Kirab Anniversary which will take place tomorrow on February 26,” concluded Indarto.