Bank Jateng Optimizes the Roles and Contributions to Indonesian Communities

SEMARANG-To the Age Journey of 56 years, Bank Jateng is certainly not easy. Optimize the role and contribution is needed for Indonesian people. Stepping on that age, Bank Jateng will try to optimize its role and contribution to Indonesian people.

Bank Jateng’s Managing Director, Supriyatno, said that the optimal role and contribution is needed by the community. Not only just looking for breakthroughs but also acting in serving the community.

“An intense cultural approach is needed in serving the community. “This approach can give more value to the community,” he said in a Public Discussion “Optimizing the Role of Bank Jateng” at the Centre Office of Bank Jateng on Pemuda Street, Semarang, Wednesday (10/4).

In the discussion presented a keynote speaker of the Central Java Province Secretary, Sri Puryono, along with a number of speakers, namely GS Prieure Culture, Professor of Economics, Unika Soegijapran, Prof. Andreas Lako and moderator Editor of Suara Merdeka Chief Officer, Gunawan Permadi.

Central Java Provincial Secretary, Sri Puryono said that Bank Jateng’s performance in 2018 was on the positive track. The proof is that the assets’ growth held in 2018 was 8.39 percent from the previous year.

In 2017, Bank Jateng’s realization assets is at 61.4 trillion rupiahs. This figure grew by 8.39 percent this year. The assets’ realization until December 2018, increased to 66.6 trillion rupiahs from the realization in 2017.

In the future, Bank Jateng is expected to achieve the continuing growth performance. “The Central Java Provincial Government encourages Bank Jateng to synergize with BUMD in Central Java. The provincial government has 10 enterprises can be invited to work together. There are PT Citra Mandiri Central Java, BPR BKK, PT Perusahaan Daerah Air Bersih (PDAB), Industrial Estate Wijaya Kusuma, PT Askrida, PT Promotion and Development Recreation Center (PRPP), PT Sarana Pembangunan Jawa Tengah (SPJT), PT Sarana Patra Hulu Cepu (SPHC), and PT Jamkrida.

“Bank Jateng can improve the coordination with other BUMDs. “Establishing good synergy and coordination therefore it can develop Bank Jateng’s business performance going forward,” he hoped.

It appreciated and hope that the current performance and services of Bank Jateng in the future can continue to optimize its role and be able to contribute to the Central Java community.