Bank Jateng Opens Foreign Transaction Services in Purwokerto

PURWOKERTO – Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Tengah (BPD) or Bank Jateng again inaugurated the opening of foreign transaction services in their working area, yesterday. This time the inauguration took place at Purwokerto Coordinator Branch Office. The inauguration was marked by cutting the cone by Banyumas Regent, Ir Achmad Husein, to Purwokerto Coordinating Branch Chief, Lis Arofah Ambarwati.

The process of cutting the cone is witnessed by the Director of Compliance and Risk Management of Bank Jateng, Ony Suharsono and a number of officials and invited guests. According to Ony, it is the ninth opening of the foreign transaction service, having previously been inaugurated at the Main Offices of Semarang, Semarang Branch, Cilacap, Solo, Jepara, Jakarta, Jogja, Magelang and now in Purwokerto, “he said after the inauguration.

According to him, Bank Jateng has obtained a license from Bank Indonesia to conduct foreign exchange bank services since 1992. With the opening of foreign transaction services in Purwokerto, it is expected to further enhance the services of Bank Jateng, since Purwokerto has great potential in the economic and financial sectors. “In Purwokerto there are many potentials that can be served. Like the entrepreneurs who are engaged in export and import business, “he explained.

He said that in Purwokerto there were many business operators engaged in the export and import sectors, such as ant sugar, plywood, essential oils and others. Aside from being a tourist location, Purwokerto has the potential enter for many tourists. With the presence of foreign tourists, there are also many needs for the money changer transactions. Therefore, in Purwokerto must prepare from now to seize the opportunity. Including remittance services or sending money abroad.

He further said; indeed, many were asking why Bank Jateng had just opened an overseas transaction service in Purwokerto. Actually, it also cooperates with Western Union service to deliver services from abroad to Central Java. “With foreign transaction services, it is expected to further serve export-import entrepreneurs, money changer and foreign exchange (forex) and others,” he hoped.

After opening in Purwokerto, next year the plan will be reopened in Tegal and Pati. “For Purwokerto’s Coordinating Branch Office area, there are actually currently serving foreign transaction services, namely in Cilacap Branch. With the presence of services in Purwokerto, it is hoped all services regarding foreign transactions will be more optimal, “added Purwokerto Branch Coordinator, Lis Arofah Ambarwati.

Meanwhile, the Regent of Banyumas, Ir Achmad Husein revealed, Banyumas Regency Government has now made a business incubator at Pratistha Harsa which is hoped later they can color the national and international economy. “We strongly support the opening of this service. We hope Bank Jateng can participate in raising this business incubator, therefore when they grow up, they will be able to access all financial transactions through Bank Jateng, “he said.