Bank Jateng Once Again Distributed Give Away at Bima and iB Bima Savings Event

SEMARANG – Bank Jateng Bima Savings Drawing which has been held for the past few years is a moment has been awaited by the loyal customers of Bank Jateng. The drawing was held again on Thursday, August 15, 2019 at Artotel Gajahmada at 19:00 WIB. The I lottery period in 2019 was also broadcasedt live via instagram @bankjateng live streaming.

Tabungan BIMA is Bank Jateng’s  product specifically designed to invest your life in the present and future. The draw was held for three sessions, the first session drawing iB Bima Savings and continued the second session for Bima Savings drawing and the last session, Grandprize Lottery Savings Bima.

The program was broadcasted live on Bank Jateng’s Instagram. The prize was drawn this time was the coupon period from January to June 2019. The prize was one unit of Mitsubishi Pajero as a grand prize and 36 units of Mitsubishi X-Pander car, as well as 196 units of N-Max motorcycles, 196 gold coins and 8 packages Umrah for IB Bima Savings.

The event was attended by the Finance Director of Bank Jateng Dwi, Agus Pramudya and the Director of Business, Corporate and Commercial of the Bank Jateng, Pujiono and all the company’s relations. Babin Herman and Mayang Kharisma were MCs at the event. The activity started at 19.00 was begun with a give-away from Bank Jateng to participants through the live instagram of Bank Jateng. The prizes distributed were 9 F&B vouchers from Artotel Gajahmada Hotel, 4 tickets to watch Westlife, in Sam Po Kong consisting of 2 gold and 2 festivals.

The event continued with the drawing of Bima savings prizes randomly via computer witnessed by representatives of the Social Service of Central Java Province and Central Semarang Police Chief and the results of the drawing can be accessed on the website of Bank Jateng or Bank Jateng’s branch office.

In a speech from the Director of Finance of the Bank Jateng, Dwi Agus Pramudya said this event was an appreciation to the customers of Bank Jateng. In addition to improving and attracting new customers in Bank Jateng “This is our effort to give appreciation to our customers who have made savings transactions at Bank Jateng,” he said. The winners of BIMA Tabungan prize draw are free of charge. Please be careful with all types of fraud on behalf of the Bank Jateng. If something happens that concerns the Bank Jateng, please confirm with the nearest branch.