Bank Jateng of Wonogiri Held Ketaspenan Socialization for ASN which Will Enter the Retirement Age Limit in the Regional Government of Wonogiri Regency

KUDUS – SMA Negeri 1 Bae Kudus of Central Java Province Public Welfare Bureau held a workshop and dialogue for Strengthening the Unitary Republic of Indonesia for Principals, Teachers, ROHIS SMA / K MA in the former of Pati residency, which was attended by around 1,000 invited guests.

Plt. Secretary of Kudus Regency Agus Budi Satrio in his welcome speech said, he supported the activities carried out by Central Java Provincial Government in counteracting radicalism in the school environment at SMA Negeri 1 Bae Kudus, (02/14/20).

The Assistant of Government and Welfare of Central Java Province, Sarwa Pramana said, the current issue of brawl, drugs, bullying among students, the need to instill a spirit of NKRI and national values.

The guest speaker at the event was Gus Miftah, who emphasized the importance of having a view in line with the Republic of Indonesia and Pancasila. Lightly packaged activities and interactive dialogues with the audience are expected to be more targeted.

In this activity also given 10 Savings Savings Students (SIMPEL) Bank Jateng to 8 students from Papua who became students of Central Government affirmation program and 2 outstanding students from each of SMA Negeri 1 Bae Kudus 1,000,000, – rupiahs.

The leader of Kudus Branch, Sandi Ahmad said, Bank Jateng will always support the government programs of   Central Java Province and the Regency of Kudus. Provision of Savings Savings for Bank Jateng Students to students as well as education for students to enjoy saving and hopefully saving awareness has started early.