Bank Jateng of Wonogiri Gives 2nd Period of Bima Savings Prize Lottery

WONOGIRI – To coincide with the 57th anniversary, Bank Jateng of Wonogiri Branch again handed over the 2nd  Period of Bima Savings Lottery.

The prize Lottery was handed over directly by Wonogiri Branch Leader, Indrajaya Harun and the Deputy Head of Wonogiri Branch to Mrs. Dwi Retno Suryani as the winner of expander at Bank Jateng Office of Wonogiri Branch, (06/01).

The activity is regularly held by Bank Jateng, twice a year. Namely 1st period in January-June and 2nd period in July-December.

The 2nd period Lottery in 2019 was conducted simultaneously in Dieng Wonosobo some time ago, (14/03).

Bank Jateng’s Head of  Wonogiri Branch, Indrajaya Harun expressed his gratitude to the loyal customers of Bank Jateng and also for their trust so far.

“Continue to increase your savings balance, the chance of winning the prize is also greater,” he said

Grand prize for Bank Jateng of Bank Bima Savings Lottery is a unit of Mitsubishi Pajero. There are 36 grand prizes, for one unit of Mitsubishi Xpander. The second prize was 196 units of Yamaha N-max motorcycles and the third prize consisted of 196 gold bars each of 10 grams distributed to all branches in Central Java.

She claimed to be shocked and did not expect to get the car’s fortune. She expressed his deepest gratitude to Bank Jateng and was committed to saving more often at Bank Jateng, she said when meeting at Bank Jateng of Wonogiri office.