Bank Jateng of Wonogiri Embraces Bumdes As an Agen Duta Laku Pandai

Smart Behavior or Officeless Financial Services in the Framework of Inclusive Finance is a program of providing banking services and / or other financial services through collaboration with other parties (agents) and supported by the use of information technology facilities. Bank Jateng has Agen Duta Laku Pandai called Agen Duta Bank Jateng, which stands for “Safe Transaction Money Depot”.

Agen Laku Pandai will spread throughout Central Java especially those far from the reach of Bank Jateng office services. The agent provides financial products that are simple, easy to understand, and in accordance with the needs of the people who are not yet able to reach financial services at this time. It is expected to be able to expedite the economic activities of the community so as to encourage economic growth and equitable development between regions in Indonesia, especially between villages and cities.

Bank Jateng of Wonogiri Branch in order to expand services to customers, formed Agen Duta Laku Pandai. Located at Bank Jateng of Wonogiri  Branch Office, a socialization program was held to Village-Owned Enterprises (Bumdes) located in Wonogiri Regency (01/22/2020)

“With the socialization of Agen Duta Laku Pandai  to Bumdes in Wonogiri Regency, it is hoped that the economy in Wonogiri Regency can develop better,” said Murdiyo as a speaker from the Network and Services Division of Bank Jateng,

He said that with the Village-Owned Enterprises (Bumdes) as Agen Duta Laku Pandai, it is hoped that rural communities can make transactions faster and more time efficient.

“This is since Duta Laku Pandai version 2 feature is more complete than version 1. For example, customers can make cash withdrawals and cash deposit transactions, transfers, credit purchases, PDAM payments, electricity payments, telephone payments, PBB, BPJS and so on,” he said.

He further added that the existence of Bumdes who was an Agen Duta Laku Pandai  was expected to increase the collection of third party funds and could promote Bank Jateng in all the corners of Wonogiri Regency.

The event was attended by Deputy Head of Wonogiri Branch Bambang Setijono and was followed by 22 Bumdes in Wonogiri Regency to receive training to become Agen Duta Laku Pandai.