Bank Jateng of Temanggung Branch Send 20 Clean Water Tanks

Temanggung. A number of villages’ existence in Temanggung Regency who were hit by a drought due to the dry season prompted Bank Jateng of Temanggung Branch to provide assistance for 20 clean water tanks distributed through the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Temanggung Regency.

On Monday, July 29, 2019, the dropping water rations were in Karangtengah, Tlogopucang Village, Kandangan Sub-District, with 2 clean water tanks. Bank Jateng of Temanggung Branch leader, Dedi Satriyana said that clean water assistance was a manifestation of concern for others.

Considering, the dry season still occurs in several regions, especially Temanggung. “The distribution of clean water is part of our efforts to help our brothers who are being hit by drought in a number of areas in Temanggung,” he said.

Meanwhile, Acting Chief BPBD Gito Walngadi revealed there were five villages in five sub-districts that experienced drought, namely Gentan, Kranggan Subdistrict, Tembron Subdistrict, Jetis, Selopampang District, Dampit, Tlogomulyo District, and Kalimanggis, Kaloran Sub-District.

Previously, this dropping water was carried out in Karangtengah, Wonosari, Dringo, Tlogopucang Village, Kandangan Subdistrict, Kandangan N 2 Middle School, Jetis Hamlet, Tompak, Kerep Kemiri Selopampang Subdistrict, Selopampang Elementary School 1, Selopampang Elementary School 2, Dampit Losari Dampit, Tlogomulyo Subdistrict , Drono Dampit, Tembarak District, and Jagang Dampit, Lamuk Kalimanggis Village, Kaloran Subdistrict, he said.