Bank Jateng Of Surakarta Provides Bima Savings Rewards To The Loyal Customers

SURAKARTA – Bank Jateng of Surakarta Branch, handed over a prize drawing for the  2nd Period of  Bima Savings to the winners at the Co-Working Space of Bank Jateng, Surakarta Branch (Thursday / 9/4/2021)

A total of 11 customers win the 2nd Period  of Bima Savings from July to December 2020. Each of the winner gets one unit of Mitsubishi Xpander, five units of Yamaha NMAX, and 10 grams of gold.

The head of  Bank Jateng, Surakarta Coordinating Branch, Djaka Nur Sahid, explained that the Bima Savings was a superior  product of  Bank Jateng which was drawn twice a year, namely after  January to June period and after July to December.

The draw has been conducted centrally at Grinatha Building at Jl.  Pemuda  No. 142, Semarang on  Monday (22/3/2021). Bank Jateng announced the winners of one unit of Mitsubishi Pajero, 36 units of Mitsubishi Xpander, 196 Yamaha NMAX, and 196 gold of 10 grams.

“The advantages of Bima savings for the community are namely getting the daily interest, savings with prizes according to the balance, and there is a life insurance facility where the premium is paid by Bank Jateng,” he said.

According to Mr. Djaka, customers have the opportunity to get a 10 gram of gold prize with a minimum balance of  1 million Rupiahs. Customers who increase their savings balance have the opportunity to get more attractive prizes.

A minimum balance of  2 million Rupiahs gets one coupon for Yamaha NMAX,   10 million rupiahs gets a coupon for the Mitsubishi Xpander , and  30 million rupiahs gets a Mitsubishi Pajero coupon.

Djaka said the Covid-19 pandemic made people resist the desire to consume and choose to save money by savings. Savings can be withdrawn at any time if needed.

“In terms of perfomance, Bank Jateng of Surakarta is able to collect DPK [third party funds / savings] as much as  1,769,713,000,000 rupiahs or 109.8 percent of the target setted. Most of them are savings, then time deposits, “he said.

He explained, the amount of DPK collected increased by 22 percent from the 2019 achievement of  1,453,544,399,000  rupiahs. The total lending also have been growth from 1,936 trillion  rupiahs in 2019 to  2,155 trillion rupiahs.