Bank Jateng of Surakarta Launches Land and Building Tax Payment via QRIS

SURAKARTA – In the midst of the co-19 pandemic, Bank Jateng of Surakarta continues to innovate by launching Land and Building Tax payments via QRIS together with the Regional Financial and Asset Management Agency (BPPKAD Surakarta) of Surakarta, (09/07).

QRIS is an alternative payment that makes it easier for taxpayers to pay the local taxes without having to queue at the teller, since taxpayers can directly access and create their own QR Code and can directly pay by scanning the QR Code via the provided payment channel.

Bank Jateng of Surakarta Head, Djaka Nur Sahid said, “Bank Jateng is ready to facilitate all kinds of payments, including the local tax payments using QRIS which is one of the programs of Bank Indonesia.

The payment is via QRIS and can be accessed via several payment channels such as Gopay, Dana, Ovo, LinkAja, and other payment channels. And in the future, Bank Jateng will add a payment channel for the students of  Sebelas Maret University (UNS) to use QRIS “.

This program was appreciated by the Mayor of Surakarta, Mr. F.X. Hadi Rudyatmo, “Tax payments now must be online, since it is very efficient by reducing direct transactions in preventing the spread of Covid-19 virus. In addition, taxpayers do not need to use cash in the tax payments and can be done anywhere and save on the printing costs. ” Said the mayor.

The need steps to be taken by the taxpayers in using the payment system via QRIS are taxpayers making QR Codes via a provided link web, after getting a QR Code, the taxpayer only needs to scan the QR Code via the desired payment channel by the taxpayer, after succeeding, the taxpayer can capture the payment proof .

By the success of this program, Bank Jateng of Surakarta will continue to innnovate the programs that can advance the region and make it easier for the community to go forward.