Bank Jateng of Surakarta and Korem 074 / Warastratama Synergize for Handling Covid-19 Virus Prevention

SURAKARTA – In the midst of co-19 pandemic, the Detachment Equipment (Denpal) soldiers, were not only busy carrying out activities to repair combat equipment, but also were swiftly producing Face Shield and without touching the device of hand washing equipment to protect themselves and breaking the spread chain of Covid-19 virus .

Danrem 074 / Warastratama General Brigadier, Rafael Granada Baay and Bank Jateng’s Haead of Surakarta Branch Coordinator, Djaka Nur Sahid went directly to the review f Face Shield production process in Denpal IV / 4 Surakarta on Wednesday (4/29/20).

“The corona pandemic happens right now is very alarming, we happen to have soldier personnel, ideas and abilities therefore creativity emerges to create Face Shield in order to help hospitals and government agencies,” said Danrem Rafael.

Ideas and Products from Korem 074 / Warastratama turned out to be welcomed by Bank Jateng’s Head of Surakarta Branch Coordinator, Djaka Nur Sahid.

“Bank Jateng of Surakarta is very proud joining Korem 074 / Wrt in Face Shield production activities to deal with the Covid-19 outbreak, and after we firsthand see how the process of making Face Shield and hand washing tools, in the early stages of Bank Jateng Peduli, Bank Jateng of  Surakarta will order 1,000 units of Face Shield and 50 units of hand washing equipment will be distributed to hospitals, especially given authority hospitals to handle Covid-19, “he explained.

“As for the hand washing itself, we are in the finishing stage. If it is ready will be installed in the public facilities. This modification sink is unique, there is no need to to pour water using your hands, just step on the pedal at the bottom left, and to remove the soap just step on the right bottom of the pedal, “he added.

Danrem 074 / Warastratama added, Korem 074 / Wrt also made public kitchens that were ready to distribute 1000 boxes of ready-to-eat rice packages for iftar  and suhoor every day to the poor people affected by the Covid 19 virus, which also received support from Bank Jateng  amounting to 10 Million Rupiahs, the distribution is carried out by Babinsa, Babhinkamtibnas andlocal RT area supervised by Danramil and local police chief therefore it is right reach on the target.

“And hopefully all the provided assistance can be beneficial to the society, and it is expected to remain cautious, always maintain health and pray, they are always given strength in dealing with this corona virus pandemic,” concluded by Bank Jateng’s Head of Surakarta Branch, Djaka Nur Sahid.