Bank Jateng of Sukoharjo Branch Women’s Association Holds Social Service

Sukoharjo – Concern has been embedded in all elements in Bank Jateng, is no exception also the wives of employees and employees of Bank Jateng or what is often called Bank Jateng Women’s Association. As a Bank of Javanese people, Bank Jateng is very concerned with the surrounding environment.

These things that underlie Bank Jateng of Sukoharjo Branch Women’s Association (IW Sukoharjo Branch) carry out social service on Friday (01/31/2020) at Salamah Mosque, Sukoharjo. This activity was carried out by the Management of Sukoharjo Branch IW led directly by the Chairman of Sukoharjo IW Branch Bank Jateng, Ny. Agus Hastono.

In this social service lunch was distributed (Blessing Friday) for worshipers who performed Friday Prayers at the Salamah Mosque. The Chairman of IW said that all the management and members of  Sukoharjo Branch IW were very happy to be able to contribute to helping the community around Bank Jateng.

“I represent the friends of IW Bank Jateng Sukoharjo Branch to thank the people around here who have supported Bank Jateng of Sukoharjo to continue to exist,” he said.

The caretakers of the Salamah Mosque appreciated Bank Jateng of  Sukoharjo Branch concern   to them. They hope there will continue to be a good relationship between Bank Jateng of Sukoharjo Branch and the surrounding community for harmonious survival. The Chairperson of IW added that this concern is a tangible manifestation of participating in developing Central Java.