Bank Jateng of Sukoharjo Branch opens foreign exchange services

SUKOHARJO – The foreign exchange service in Sukoharjo is the tenth. The Director of Finance, Bank Jateng, Dwi Agus Pramudya, in his remarks said that Sukoharjo Regency with its slogan “Sukoharjo Sejahtera” is famous for its agricultural products, handicrafts, furniture, and textiles.

 Sukoharjo also has a fairly well-known nickname as the City of Textiles. The largest textile company in Central Java which is export-oriented to the foreign countries is located in this region.

“Apart from that, the Sukoharjo Regency and its surroundings also have many other export potentials such as plywood and barcore, furniture, paper and others. This is very appropriate for Bank Jateng of Sukoharjo Branch to open a Foreign Exchange Service to support foreign exchange services to support the international trade, encourage the import and export sector and remittance, “said Dwi Agus.

“We, the management, really hope that Bank Jateng of Sukoharjo Branch, will be able to actively participate in the international trade,” he said. This can indirectly increase the Central Java’s local revenue (PAD) from the Export Import sector therefore Bank Jateng of Sukoharjo Branch opens foreign exchange services.

 Related to the services offered, according to Dwi, are export-import transactions (letters of credit, SKBDN), foreign currency giro, foreign exchange deposits, remittances, money changers, western union. Even today, Bank Jateng’s foreign exchange transactions are served via Central Java Electronic Trading (JET FX)  of Bank Jateng. JET FX is an electronic trading system that provides real time transaction features between the dealing room of the treasury division and the international of Bank Jateng and the foreign exchange branch offices to accommodate the needs of customers’ foreign exchange transactions.

The Deputy Regent of Sukoharjo, Agus Sanstosa, who was presented  at this opportunity, appreciated the opening of foreign exchange services in Sukoharjo. Since so far, many large transactions overseas companies  are in Sukoharjo. “Sukoharjo is included in the top five investment destinations in Central Java, which means that it is a promising investment destination.”